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Jesienna Rapsodia FCI


We have 17 days

ROSARIO Jesienna Rapsodia FCI
(Argo z Horenuse & My Pocahontas Rosagos)

B-Wurf Beauté Chevelue
Proudly introduce our B´s Beauté Chevelue
(Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI x Calla Reine Naster)
We have only fawn puppys.

01.jpg 02.jpg

❤️ Welcome babies in our kennel Jesienna Rapsodia FCI ❤️
from Argo z Horenuse & My Pocahontas Rosagos
Born 2 boys and 1 girl   MORE


Lillestrøm, Norway, Nordic Winner Show
Ray Of Sunshine Zlota Elita (Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI and Sweet Savannah Zlota Elita)
I exc. Champ. Class, CAC, Best Male and Nordic Winner 2018
It was Hippo 10th Champion title ❤️

Puppies from
Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI & Number one Moravia Campanella

European Dog Show Warsaw /PL/
Ray of Sunshine Zlota Elita (Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI and Sweet Savannah Zlota Elita)
I exc. Champ. Class, CWC, Res.CACIB

07.jpg 02.jpg

Tequila Sunrise Jesienna Rapsodia FCI (Aubiere & WW Hortensja)

15-TEQUILA.jpg 16-TEQUILA.jpg

My crazy girl Della Fiumana Silver Touch

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JH-dag BBrc, Judge: Bachler Claudia
Breeder Von der Powermaus:
Best Litter 3-6 months and father Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI.
Best Male Reproductor this class.
Parents those litter: Hettie de l'amitié fidèle & WW 18  Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI.

 Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI & Number one Moravia Campanella

03.jpg 02.jpg

Bremen CAC /D/
Judge: P. Król /PL/
My Pocahontas Rosagos 2/3 class champion, res.CAC, Res. CH.VDH = CAC, CH.VDH

CACIB Mechelen /BE/
Judge: Wojtek Burski /PL/
My Pocahontas Rosagos become 1/3 ex, CAC, CACIB, BOS !!!!
We are very proud and happy.

08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg


Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI

??? WORLD WINNER - Amsterdam 2018 ???

08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg

 Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI: 1 exc (1/12) champ class.
World Winner 2018 Amsterdam. Judge: Dhr Jean-Jacques Dupas.
It was great to end Bacardi's show carreer with this wonderfull world title.


Unique Toskana Jesienna Rapsodia (sister WW 2018 Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia)
3 exc (3/13) champ class

08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg

Our lovely daughter of Unique Toskana Jesienna Rapsodia FCI
Pretty Nell Jesienna Rapsodia ?

pretty-nell.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg

International Show for Spaniels - Zandhoven /BE/
Judge: R. Dunne
Della Fiumana Silver Touch ⭐ VP and
❣️❣️❣️ Best Puppy ❣️❣️❣️
Iam happy and very proud of my sweet girl.?

05.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg

Before our holiday in Sweden we stopped on the show in Germany :)
Special Club Deutschland SRA Soltau
My Pocahontas Rosagos 1/4 champion class, CAC Club, CAC VDH, Best Female, BOS !!!!
Della Fiumana Silver Touch BOB Puppy & BIS Puppy !!!!

05.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg

❤️ASHA & APOLLO von der Powermause❤️
( Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI & Hetti de L'amitie Fidele)
16 weeks

33246723_10211266706639502_1434011609298108417_o.jpg 33246723_10211266706639502_1434011609298108418_o.jpg 10.jpg

07/07/2018 Köln Special Spaniel Show at Jagdspaniel-Klub e.V.
Judge: Axel Komorowski (D)
My Pocahontas Rosagos CAC (VDH), CAC, BOB and BIS ❣️❣️❣️
Della Fiumana Silver Touch Best Puppy and BIS Puppy ❣️❣️❣️
Fantastic day !!! i love my girls ???

04.jpg 07.jpg 11.jpg

SaTi & KoKi

12.jpg 15.jpg 11.jpg

Son  Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI & Kala of Spanish Romance MC:
Define the Rockstar aka Danny Moravia Campanella.
Picture by Anja Pauer

29512236_1599565180162309_3716251379664239250_n.jpg 29512236_1599565180162309_3716251379664239251_n.jpg 11.jpg

Philadelfia & Pocahontas & Silver

CAC Lommel BE Judge: Paweł Osak /PL/
My Pocahontas Rosagos 1/3 ex, Res.CAC = CAC ❣️❣️❣️
Della Fiumana Silver Touch 1 very promising girl

It was a wonderful day ???
Spaniel Club Show Deutschland
My Pocahontas Rosagos Ex 4/6
and my sweet devil
Della Fiumana Silver Touch
Best Baby and BIS Baby & Puppy Club Show !!!

05.jpg 03.jpg 11.jpg

Niaoulli De La Chaume Bois Dieu
/ Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI & H'unedemai DLCBD/

El Passo Z Pierwszej Ligii
Parents  Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI & Ayres De Escal MORE

BB 5 weeks  Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI & Hettie de I'Amitie Fidele MORE

33183947_10211266710079588_4344149993003679744_o.jpg 33189366_10211266713879683_2581701049169477632_o.jpg 33246723_10211266706639502_1434011609298108416_o.jpg

The little one stole my heart !!!
Della Fiumana Silver Touch aka Coki welcome sweet baby in our home ❣️❣️❣️

09.jpg 10.jpg 33246723_10211266706639502_1434011609298108416_o.jpg

We did it !!!
My Pocahontas Rosagos
- became Polish Champion !!! ❣️❣️❣️
21/04/2018 CWC Racibórz PL - got 1 exellent, CAC, 2 Best Female
22/04/2018 CWC Racibórz PL - got 1 exellent, CAC, BOS

01-.jpg 01.jpg 33246723_10211266706639502_1434011609298108416_o.jpg
02.jpg 03.jpg 33246723_10211266706639502_1434011609298108416_o.jpg


In kennel "z Pierwszej Ligii" (PL) born puppies 2 boys and 7 girls after
Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI and Ayres de Escal z Pierwszej Ligii.

10.jpg 2018-3.jpg 33246723_10211266706639502_1434011609298108416_o.jpg

04/03/2018 Genk

My Pocahontas Rosagos got Excellent, I place in Intermediate Class and res.CAC.

02.jpg 03.jpg 33246723_10211266706639502_1434011609298108416_o.jpg


We had a nice meeting with beautiful girl Ayres de Escal z Pierwszej Ligi.


WORLD DOG SHOW Leipzig 2017
We are very proud for children of Uptown Boy Jesienna Rapsodia FCI aka Bacardi !!!
Big congrats for owners and kisses for doggies:
Landon aus dem Altenautal 2/4
Lafee aus dem Altenautal 3/11
One more dance Zlota Elita aka Rocco 4/6
Ray of Sunshine Zlota Elita aka Hippo 4/10

23434950_10210016697230048_1324043729363564037_n.jpg 23473278_10210016699150096_599813902979788761_n.jpg 23559641_10210016696750036_6620201411031037824_n (1).jpg 23621663_10210016698430078_4357297058124453765_n.jpg

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